WordPress SEO Case Study

A case study of our Word SEO work: The site is a niche blog on resources in Tamil language. The site has been online since 2007. In June 2011, I started implementing some WordPress  SEO measures and observed the following results immediately: 1. Page views, visits and search traffic doubled. 2. Adsense revenue increased 10 times as I added new ad slots motivated by the increased page views. 3. The number of impressions in search results and clicks from search engines increased by 50%. 4. Impressions for some of the keywords increased up to 5,000+ %. Please note that during this period * No new posts were added. In fact, I removed some of the less useful posts. * No … [Read more...]

How to use WordPress SEO by Yoast and Scribe SEO?

WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast and Scribe SEO premium plugin are two essential plugins we use for optimizing page content. Here is a brief guide on search engine optimizing your posts using these. In your post / page edit view, you have two sections for SEO called: 1. WordPress SEO by Yoast 2. Scribe Keyword research, Scribe Content Optimizer, Scribe Link building. WordPress SEO is a popular free plugin and quite straight forward. For each post, you have to add a SEO Title and Meta description. SEO Title can be different from the actual post title you display in site. This SEO title will be displayed in search engine results. This title should be keyword rich and brief. … [Read more...]

How to fix Timthumb security issue?

Timthumb.php is a popular script that is used to resize images dynamically in WordPress sites. This can be usually found in some popular premium  themes and image related plugins. Last week, a serious security issue was found in Timthumb. Unless, you update Timthumb to its latest version at once, your site is vulnerable for hacking. This is a serious threat affecting thousands of websites and even the WordPress founder Matt blogged about this. So, please act now. Here are few simple steps to fix timthumb security flaw: Update: Use Timthumb Vulnerability Scanner plugin. 1. Deactivate unwanted plugins. 2. Delete all inactive plugins and themes. If you have customised any of these … [Read more...]

Plugin release: Tag or Category term_group Order

We are glad to announce our first plugin called Tag or Category term_group Order. The purpose of this plugin is to group tags or categories from the WordPress dashboard. This allows queries that fetch terms to use 'term_group' as a sort order and and display them in a semantic way in archives and individual posts. For example, If we have three groups of categories for size, color and object, then categories displayed as Small, Green, Table Big, Blue, Chair are more readable than Table, small, green Chair, big, blue How to use  this plugin? 1. Install and activate the plugin from WordPress plugin repository. 2. Visit WordPress Dashboard -> Posts - > … [Read more...]

Genesis Child Themes

The beauty of Free Software is that it allows a healthy economy to grow around it. While WordPress saw the growing industry of premium themes 3 years back, now I can see a new trend of child theme market growing on top of premium WordPress themes with GPL license. A good example is the number of 3rd party child themes available for the Genesis WordPress theme framework designed by StudioPress. Here is a list of child themes for the Genesis theme framework available outside StudioPress: Official Genesis child themes * official Genesis child themes which come with the Pro Plus pack. * Official free Genesis child themes mostly having a blog layout. * Genesis child themes in its … [Read more...]

Useful WordPress Tips Websites

Are you looking for useful WordPress tips websites? Here is a list of selected websites which offer regular updates on WordPress tips and tricks. Beginner WordPress tips: 1. WP Beginner 2. WP TV Advanced WordPress tips: 1. WP Engineer 3. WP Recipes   … [Read more...]