How to find if a site is powered by WordPress?

Many clients approach me thinking a site is done in WordPress while it is not. So, how to find if a site is powered by WordPress? 0. Use It detects a WordPress site with almost 100% accuracy. 1. Right click on any page in the site and select "View page source". You can also select "Page Source" in the view menu in the browser. In the source page, search for terms like wp-content or wp-admin or wp-includes . Any site not having these words in the source is not powered by WordPress. Some might have changed the wp prefix for security reasons. But is a very rare case. 2. Check to see if it is powered by WordPress. You can also use this method to … [Read more...]

Premium WordPress Plugins

2009 was the year of premium WordPress themes. 2010 will see the emergence of organized premium WordPress plugins market. Six emerging trends regarding Premium WordPress plugins: 1. Premium WordPress plugin markets Like ThemeForest does for premium WordPress themes, these allow people to sell and buy premium WordPress plugins WP Plugins: The WordPress App store from Incsub Code Canyon: The WP plugin market from Themeforest. 2. Premium WordPress plugin makers Like StudioPress and WooThemes, they sell premium WordPress plugins from a single company or developer. Plugin Buddy from the iThemes. 3. Premium WordPress CMS plugins Plugins that turn WordPress from a blog to a … [Read more...]

Best WordPress Permalink structure

When you install WordPress, the default permalink structure you have is . You can retain this structure if having the shortest URL possible is your priority. Else, you need to change this for better SEO. The most used custom WordPress permalink structure is . The permalink structure I use is . This is good for performance. Also, gives an idea to the user when the post was written. They can also trim the URL like or and see archives for that period. If you write posts daily or write many posts a day like in news websites, then … [Read more...]

FTP publishing on Blogger to WordPress: Migration guide

Blogger is closing its FTP publishing soon. Those who want to stay with Blogger custom domain or Blogspot can wait for their Migration tool. I recently migrated a client's site from Blogger FTP publishing to WordPress and it was a learning experience. Here is a brief migration guide: 1. Create a beta site in WordPress. ( ) 2. WordPress import will not work with FTP publishing on Blogger. So, switch FTP publishing to some Blogspot domain name for a moment. Don't worry. Your blog will be safe as all the FTP files still remain on your server and your site will be accessible. 3. Import your Blogger comments and posts from the Blogspot domain to beta WordPress … [Read more...]

Ecommerce WordPress themes

Collection of Premium Ecommerce WordPress Themes. Compare features, pricing and demos. 1. e Shop Ecommerce WordPress Theme Different modes of Shopping Cart You may sell anything – tangible or intangible using our themes. You have an option to create your website in any mode. Shopping Cart Like the standard shopping cart that you see on other e-commerce websites. You may choose to have “add to cart” mode and let the users add all the items they want and then lead them to checkout or, you can have “buy now” mode and take them straight to checkout when they select a product. Digital Shop If you are selling digital product of any kind, this is a perfect option for you. … [Read more...]

Premium Video WordPress Themes

Collection of Premium Video WordPress Themes to compare features, pricing and demos. 1. Groovy Video Unique Features: Super-easy functionality  to create video posts; Videos are resized automatically and Groovy even publishes the embed code for your readers; Integration of the WP-PostRatings plugin for some added fun & interactiveness. Theme design by Woo Themes Price: $70 Groovy video Premium wordpress theme Demo Groovy Video premium wordpress theme details 2. Woo Tube Thistheme is designed by Woothemes and has the same features like Groovy Video theme. Price: $70 Theme design by Woo Themes Woo Tube Premium wordpress theme Demo Woo Tube … [Read more...]