Premium Real Estate WordPress Themes

Collection of premium real estate WordPress themes to compare features, price and demos. 1. AgentPress Real Estate WordPress theme The AgentPress theme is an ideal solution for real estate agents looking to market themselves and rise above competition AgentPress includes multiple page templates that can be used to create a complete real estate website. From single property templates to a custom homepage, AgentPress is right for you. Theme design by Studiopress Price: $159.90 AgentPress Real Estate WordPress theme demo AgentPress Real Estate WordPress theme details   2. deCondo Real Estate WordPress theme Featured properties slider Home page … [Read more...]

WordPress Syndrome

Are you too involved in WordPress? Do you have these symptoms? * To login to any site, you type /wp-admin/ . Example: * The first thing you think about any website is if it is done in WordPress. * Fight with Blogger, Joomla fans how WordPress is better. Then you may be suffering from WordPress Syndrome :) … [Read more...]


GlotPress is a new free software from WP team. This allows software translation by collaborating online. You can see it in action at WordPress translations. GlotPress * Is more user friendly than the previous web interface for WP translation. * Makes it easy to generate .po files without bugs. * Allows to sort, filter strings based on many useful ways. * Is available for any project. I have always liked the WP way of doing things simply. GlotPress is another welcome addition ! … [Read more...]

Why I use premium WordPress themes?

Until I started WordPress freelancing, I never thought of using premium WordPress themes. But now I can't imagine using a free theme for myself and clients. Here are the reasons why I prefer premium WordPress themes: 1. Variety of designs - Premium theme designers offer CMS themes for various purposes like E-Commerce, Portals, Magazines, Business sites, Photo blogs, Video blogs etc., Free themes mostly have a blog look. 2. Theme support - Good premium theme sites like StudioPress have very active support forums that have already documented answers for frequently asked questions. This saves precious time spent in understanding and modifying the theme. 3. Theme options - This is a … [Read more...]

Contributing to WordPress community

Sometime ago, I read a disturbing post called Is WordPress a Thankless Community?. The point is that we benefit a lot from free software but don't contribute back in any way. This is unfortunately true. So, how can we contribute back to WordPress community? 1. Say Thanks to WordPress contributors Do remember to say THANKS Whenever some one makes a nice WP theme, plugin, tutorial blog post or helps in support forum. You can comment in their blog, respond in the forum, rate their themes and plugins well. Every human will be happy for this. 2. Link to WordPress experts Link to useful WP resources. This will help spread the word and establish authority for the resources. Being … [Read more...]

Must read blogs on WordPress

Must read blogs on WordPress: 1. Yoast - Yoast is a well known WordPress expert and maker of many popular WordPress plugins. His site is very friendly with unique content. I read his newsletter without fail and always learn some new thing. 2. Vladimir Prelovac - Vladimir writes regularly on WordPress and SEO. I like his easy to follow practical advice, simple style of writing and the personal touch in his site. 3. Matt - Founder of WordPress. Period. He doesn't write much technical stuff but his occasional posts about the philosophy behind WordPress is a must read. 4. Lorelle - I feel her like an official WP spokesperson. You will find anything related to WP documented well … [Read more...]