WordPress Freelancers

Sometimes, when I am unable to accept a project, my clients ask me to recommend some WordPress freelancers. So, here is a list: 1. Bage - Bage does WP installation, theme design and customization. 2. Srinath - Srinath does WP installs, theme customization and image editing work. He also manages Twitter, Social media marketing. Both of them are leading service providers in Elance and have excellent performance. 3. Srini - Srini is a well known WordPress developer of popular themes like Plainscape. He can make custom plugins, customize themes and plugins. 4. Ganesh - Ganesh manages blogs for some of the popular Tamil writers. He has been in business for years and offers range of … [Read more...]

WordPress Security Tips

WordPress security tips: * Keep your WordPress installation and plugins up-to-date always and immediately. Many attackers try to take advantage of loopholes in outdated software. So, do not hesitate to upgrade WordPress fearing it would break custom made themes and plugins. Security should be the top priority. Use only trusted sources for WordPress themes and plugins. Please be aware that most of the pretty looking free WordPress themes may be having malware. * Use a strong, unique and different password each for WordPress admin user name, WordPress MySQL database, FTP user account and the web hosting control panel user name. These two steps are the most important WordPress security … [Read more...]

GPL Premium WordPress themes reselling

I saw a site reselling Premium WordPress themes released under GPL. This is legal but I am not convinced it is ethical. I strongly discourage anyone buying from such resellers or venturing into such business model. Why should you buy from the original theme designers? I have bought developer / membership licenses from iThemes, WooThemes, Thesis Theme, StudioPress and Elegant Themes. Buying from the original theme designers gives you not just the theme but access to support forums, knowledgebase, tutorials and theme documentation. I have found these resources invaluable and saves you loads of time spent in understanding and customizing the theme. I am also guaranteed to get the … [Read more...]

WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org

Which is good? WordPress.com or WordPress.org? Both have their pros and cons. WordPress.com advantages Reliable hosting: A WordPress.com blog gets world class free hosting. So your blog is always fast. A WordPress.org blog in own domain, if not maintained well, may become slow. Also, some hosts have problems with some of the WordPress.org features. So, you need to choose your host carefully. Technical Expertise: In WordPress.com you need not worry about anything except writing. But, in WordPress.org you need to have mimimum technical skills atleast. Or, you need to find someone who can maintain it for free or cost. Security: WordPress.com blogs are safe from hacking, … [Read more...]

Slow WordPress?

Is your WordPress site slow? Try these simple steps to increase¬† your page loading speed: 1. Upgrade WordPress software, current theme and plugins to their latest versions. 2. Use W3 Total Cache plugin. This will increase page speed for repeat visitors and non-bouncing visitors. 3. Deactivate and delete as many unnecessary plugins you can. Check the remaining plugins using P3 (Plugin performance profiling plugin). If you can implement a function by directly modifying the theme without using the plugin, then do it. 4. Use smaller sized images in¬† your posts. Use GIMP or PhotoShop and save the images as File->Save for web. 5. Reduce the number of images / scripts you call … [Read more...]

WordPress Tips

WordPress tips which I personally found useful: * Bulk delete spam comments * How to fix if your stats plugin keeps showing zero visits? * WordPress page specific header images * To speed up WordPress, add the following to your wp-config.php: // Enable the WordPress Object Cache: define(ENABLE_CACHE, true); … [Read more...]