SEO best practices recommended by Scribe SEO plugin

SEO best practices recommended by Scribe SEO plugin Overview Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of improving the traffic to a website from the organic or natural results of a search engine. SEO does not try to trick search engines. On the contrary, the goal of SEO is to provide information-rich content in a way that is naturally weighted by the search engines because it follows the “rules” of the search engines. Below are guidelines for optimizing content according to current SEO best practices. Before you Begin The first step to writing content that is search engine optimized is to determine the primary topic of the page. This will be your initial keyword or … [Read more...] SEO

If you are in, you cannot and need not do much to improve the SEO technically as it is a great platform for SEO already. Still, here are some ways  for better SEO in your blog: * First, make sure that your blog is set to allow search engines. Visit Settings - > Privacy in your dashboard and choose the first option. * Register your own domain name and host it with instead of having your blog as a subdomain . Having your blog in your domain name is good for SEO and brand building. * Register with webmaster tools provided by major search engines and follow the insights provided by them. Visit Tools - > Available tools in your … [Read more...]

WordPress SEO Case Study

A case study of our Word SEO work: The site is a niche blog on resources in Tamil language. The site has been online since 2007. In June 2011, I started implementing some WordPress  SEO measures and observed the following results immediately: 1. Page views, visits and search traffic doubled. 2. Adsense revenue increased 10 times as I added new ad slots motivated by the increased page views. 3. The number of impressions in search results and clicks from search engines increased by 50%. 4. Impressions for some of the keywords increased up to 5,000+ %. Please note that during this period * No new posts were added. In fact, I removed some of the less useful posts. * No … [Read more...]

How to use WordPress SEO by Yoast and Scribe SEO?

WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast and Scribe SEO premium plugin are two essential plugins we use for optimizing page content. Here is a brief guide on search engine optimizing your posts using these. In your post / page edit view, you have two sections for SEO called: 1. WordPress SEO by Yoast 2. Scribe Keyword research, Scribe Content Optimizer, Scribe Link building. WordPress SEO is a popular free plugin and quite straight forward. For each post, you have to add a SEO Title and Meta description. SEO Title can be different from the actual post title you display in site. This SEO title will be displayed in search engine results. This title should be keyword rich and brief. … [Read more...]