WordPress Tips

WordPress tips which I personally found useful: * Bulk delete spam comments * How to fix if your stats plugin keeps showing zero visits? * WordPress page specific header images * To speed up WordPress, add the following to your wp-config.php: // Enable the WordPress Object Cache: define(ENABLE_CACHE, true); … [Read more...]

How to Troubleshoot WordPress?

Whenever you have a problem with your WordPress website, 0. Don't Panic. So far as your WordPress database and wp-contents folder is fine, you are fine. 1. Switch to the default WordPress template and deactivate all plugins. If you are fine now, switch to another trouble free template or activate the plugins one by one to find out the culprit. If you still have problem, it is possibly a WordPress problem. Then, there are few places to ask for WordPress help: * WP support forum for How-To and Troubleshooting. Check other WP help forums too. * Frequently asked questions for WP troubleshooting * WP documentation for troubleshooting. * Tweet your question with the hashtags … [Read more...]

How to install WordPress?

How to install WordPress? Many of my friends have started moving to self-hosted WordPress websites. Most of them think that they need to install it manually. No need. Follow the steps below. Installation There are few automatic tools to enable one click easy installation of WP and many other popular software. Fantastico Deluxe, Simple Scripts are some of the popular tools. Sometimes, your hosting company may have in-house autoinstallers like QuickInstall (Hostgator), Hosting connection (GoDaddy). All or either of these will be available in your hosting cPanel usually. If you do not any such tools, then you may have to install manually. Download WordPress software, create a … [Read more...]