More Colors for Lifestyle Child Theme by StudioPress

Lifestyle child theme by StudioPress is one of the most popular and robust themes out there.

We like it so much that we chose it for our own site. But one thing we wished it had is more colors. Not all the default colors were great and it missed some of the common colors. So, we thought: Why not add more color styles to it? It is a GPL theme after all and it seemed fun to do it:)

Here you go !

We added two more color schemes namely, Golden and Wine.

Wine Color style for LIfestyle WordPress child theme by StudioPress

Wine Color style for LIfestyle WordPress child theme by StudioPress

Golden color for LIfestyle WordPress child theme by StudioPress

Golen color for LIfestyle WordPress child theme by StudioPress

Installation instructions:

1. Download our Colorful Lifestyle pack.

2.. This is not a stand alone theme. This contains only few modified files that should be replaced in Lifestyle child theme made by StudioPress. Please purchase Lifestyle child theme and Genesis theme framework.

Once you have the Lifestyle child theme, get the files in the Colorful Lifestyle pack and replace the following original files:





Copy the golden and wine headers and thumbs one by one to the following folders:


Please do not replace the whole folders.

Rename the Lifestyle theme folder as colorful-lifestyle .

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3. Upload the Colorful Lifestyle child theme folder via FTP to your wp-content/themes/ directory. (The Genesis parent theme needs to be in the wp-content/themes/ directory as well.)

4. Go to your WordPress dashboard and select Appearance.

5. Activate the Colorful Lifestyle theme.

6. Inside your WordPress dashboard, go to Genesis > Theme Settings and configure them to your liking.


Initially, we thought of calling this as a grand child theme 🙂 But we realized that a modified child theme is also a child theme !

Do you like this idea? Would you like more colors for Lifestyle and for other themes? Just let us know and we will be glad to do it.


  1. I love the colors – great work.

    I was hoping down the road there would also be a peach color and a brown theme at some point also.

    Again great work and thanks for continuing to add value to this theme package 🙂

  2. Nice one Ravi
    Particularly like the wine colour.
    I think you’ve made a good theme even better.

  3. Hi Sports Mom, Keith

    Glad you like them. We are looking forward to release more colors for more themes even when we have an understanding of the most sought after colors 🙂

  4. Great job Ravi

  5. Ravi, Simple and very attractive theme. The fonts and color code are right in place. Great. If you wish can I suggest something?! Like the left and right margin could be even more and may make you feel ever wider. When more contents and information that may look even better. Just an idea and still this looks awesome. Thanks

  6. Manickam, thanks for the appreciation. We wanted to add only additional color schemes and leave other styles as it is. It makes it easy for people to opt / upgrade to this theme without worrying about other things. Also, the theme gives an option for full width layout.

  7. Cool Ravi. That sounds really great. Thanks