Premium WordPress Theme Directories

Are you looking for premium WordPress themes? Here is a list of premium WordPress themes directories where you can find leading theme makers and sort themes by color, price, provider and niche. 1. Official WordPress directory for premium WordPress … [Continue reading]

WordPress freelancing

Time and again, my friends ask why I focus only on WordPress. They are not sure if there is enough market for WordPress or worried what to do if something bad happens for WordPress :) I am sure there are bigger guys to worry and keep WordPress in … [Continue reading]

WordPress help forums

Do you need help with WordPress? Here are some forums where you can get some WordPress support: 1. WordPress official forum 2. WP Tavern forum 3. Stack Exchange forum for WordPress. 4. IRC channel for WordPress support Paid … [Continue reading]

WordPress Podcasts

Recently I spend a lot of time travelling and found listening to the following podcasts on WordPress useful: 1. WP Community - This is the most happening WordPress podcast with all the leading names in the Industry. I liked the informality of the … [Continue reading]

WordPress web hosting


Guides * How to choose a web host for WordPress? * WordPress recommended web hosts WordPress specific hosts * WP Web Host - A web hosting service that claims to be completely focused on WordPress solutions. * - Hosted WordPress … [Continue reading]

Premium WordPress theme markets


Premium WordPress theme markets are where one can sell and buy WordPress themes from various designers. Themeforest is a well known marketplace. MojoThemes is a new entry. Free WordPress themes became a thing of stone age after Premium WordPress … [Continue reading]