WordPress Mobile

Are you aware that increasing number of visitors are browsing your website using mobile phones and tablets?

Get our WordPress Mobile services to optimise your website’s display in smart gadgets. No scrolling, double tapping and distracting sidebars. Get fast loading websites with intuitive menus and app like looks.

We do this with the help of a premium plugin called WP Touch Pro.

WP Touch Pro shows a powerful, well-designed mobile theme version of your site when visitors are using popular touch mobile devices like the iPhone/iPod touch, Google Android phones, Palm Pre/Pixi, Samsung bada, iPad/Kindle and Blackberry Storm & Torch devices.

This works by automatically detecting these devices and serves its mobile/tablet-friendly themes. Desktop visitors still see your regular theme, and changes to it do not affect the mobile theme and vice-versa.

Out-of-box installation will be 120 USD for one website. Please contact us for a quote if you need to enable mobile view in more sites or if you need to have a customised mobile theme.