WordPress SEO Services

Not many WordPress SEO service providers have good SEO for their own website. But, this website has a Pagerank 6 and we get all our new clients through our search engine rankings. We take organic, white hat SEO very seriously and will implement only best practices for your websites.

Our WordPress SEO service includes:

1. Recommendations for site structure and layout redesign for better conversion of goals like product sales, Adsense revenue.

2. Install and configure WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast. The best and the only SEO plugin you will ever need.

3. We will install content delivery network from http://maxcdn.com for free worth 99 USD for every 1 TB bandwidth you use. Plus one hour slot to increase site speed. Did you know that your site speed is a ranking factor in Google search results?

4. Add XML and HTML sitemaps.

5. Register with Google webmaster central and Google Analytics.  Once we start tracking the stats, we will provide insights and suggestions about your performance in Google search.

6. Configure permalinks and other WordPress settings for better SEO.

7. SEO consulting and coaching by Skype for one hour. This will include recommendations for keywords, link building and article writing strategies. We will also answer your pressing SEO questions.

Interested in a proof for our services?

Please check this WordPress SEO case study where

  • Page views, visits and search traffic doubled.
  • Adsense revenue increased 10 times.
  • clicks from search engines increased by 50%.
  • Impressions for some of the keywords increased up to 5,000+ %.
WordPress SEO work leading to 1000% search impressions increase

WordPress SEO work leading to 1000% search impressions increase

Would you like to get our WordPress SEO service?

Go on now. You get all the WordPress SEO goodies for just 350 USD.

* Additional consulting hours can be got through our WordPress Support package.
* Further improvements to site speed can be made through our WordPress Speed package.
* Please note that the quality of the content, previous PageRank, theme used, server used, your efforts based on our recommendations and many more factors contribute to the results. So, we do not guarantee any SEO magic. All we do is to ensure that you follow SEO fundamentals.